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EBOOK: 🌟The PR Breakdown: What all small businesses need to know about PR🌟

This month I have released my first ebook! I’m so excited about this, it’s one of two books that I started writing a little while ago and ended up on the back burner, so it’s great to finally get one live and be able to share it with you all!

Meet ‘The PR Breakdown: What all small businesses need to know about PR’.


It genuinely is what small businesses need to know about PR. There are a lot of misconceptions about the practice of public relations and in my role as a PR Coach, the starting point always has to be an understanding of PR and the value it brings to businesses of any size.

The key thing for me to highlight is always that PR is not reserved for ‘big business’. As soon as I start talking about the media, be it broadcast, print or online, I can see the fear that says, ‘No, I’m not ready for that’, for whatever reason:

  • ‘I’ve not been in business long enough’

  • ‘There are plenty of people more experienced than me’

  • ‘My company isn’t big enough, I’m a one woman band’

  • ‘I'm not interesting enough’

The list goes ON when it comes to the reasons that are given or the barriers that are self imposed but the truth is that YOU are ready for PR. You just want to find the right PR opportunity for where you are at the moment.

My ebook is about laying out the bones of PR, what it is and why it’s important and then building on this by exploring how it’s relevant to small businesses and how you can start taking PR action today!

Click the above image or head to this link to download via Amazon:

Grab your copy and get a taster of:

🌟 What PR really is and why it is GREAT for small businesses.

🌟 Why YOU need to be bringing PR to your business - it’s not just for the Primarks and Coca-Colas of this world!

🌟 What PR actually entails for small businesses.

🌟 To DIY or not to DIY: Why you shouldn’t be afraid of giving it a go to get the ball rolling. .
Then, I make it easy for you with some top tips and key takeaways that will get you taking action now!

Get downloading, have a read and share your thoughts!

Fiona Minett