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In the media world, Christmas launches in July. Yep, it’s already well underway, but there is still time to catch that media train…

To ensure you’re not missing key opportunities you need to be on the ball and early off the mark. In my membership there is a whole bundle dedicated to getting you winning with your PR the Christmas as well as live/real time media alerts coming through from journalists and media compiling Christmas content.

Find out more about membership here:

Here are some quick starting points to get your positioning right when it comes to embracing Christmas:

✨Understand lead times -

Monthly magazines will by finished on their Christmas content by September, so you need to be getting your product, service or story out now to be in with a chance.

Short lead/weekly magazines will be working on their content up until October, possibly early November, but get prepared now, because these journalists will have been going to Christmas events and getting ideas in July.

✨Pin down some target media -

Who is the customer you want to reach and how are you going to reach them? Knowing this cuts down on the amount of outreach you end up doing.

✨ What is your Christmas offering? -

What product are you going to pitch for gift guides? What service can you offer that has a festive angle. There is more on this in my Christmas training in my membership.

✨ Do you have a Christmas themed real life story? -

If you have a human interest story or an inspiring business story that relates to Christmas, then there are opportunities here for you.

✨ Images -

You need high resolution images or you are not getting through the media door. There is no way for print media to include you or your products if there is no high resolution visual content to accompany your pitch.

With 2019 Christmas PR already underway, make sure you’re maximising the opportunity:

✨ Join my PR membership for the ultimate support. Tier 2 gives you access to video training, downloads, members FB group, media alerts and more; with no minimum term/contracts.

✨ Book in a 1-1 video call with me and let’s get into the best moves for you to make as well as getting you moving in the right direction with some key contacts and opportunities.

Use the code ‘CHRISTMAS’ for £20 off a 1 hour call.

Have you got any questions about Christmas PR or my membership THE COLLECTIVE?

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