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🌟It’s CHRISTMAS! In July! 🌟

Christmas in July is totally a thing and it’s my focus this month. If you want to maximise the Christmas period for your business, now is the time to start.

The topic for my PR membership content and discussion this month is all about winning Christmas coverage and exposure for your business. If you are a product business/offer a consumer led service or see Christmas as a seasonal opportunity that will work for your business, get involved!

I’ve placed all sorts of Christmas press coverage for clients over the last decade and now I want to share this insight with you to get your business visible at this crucial time.

✨Sunday Times Style
✨The Observer
✨Marie Claire
✨The Lady
✨Ideal Home
✨Grand Designs
✨and more!

The resources in the membership this month cover:

✨ Christmas content themes for 2019

✨ A ‘how to’ download for getting Christmas coverage

✨ Video training exploring angles for Christmas pitches, how to structure your approach, how to research your target media and how to plan the next 6 months of activity to take you right to Christmas

✨ Examples of ‘gift guide’ pitches for the media


✨ Contacts and information to get you straight to some of the key gift guides/Christmas content for 2019

I am also sending through media requests and journalist alerts to members to make sure that they are able to seize every possible opportunity over this Christmas PR period, as well as all year round.

Starter for ten?

✨ Get prepared now - do you have a Christmas offering? Do you have imagery ready to go? What story are you telling?

✨ Long Lead, monthly magazines, are starting on Christmas now and Short Lead, weeklies and supplements, will be starting in September/October, so preparation is key!

✨ Think beyond social media - events, traditional media, new media.

✨ Start narrowing down a target media list of approaches you want to make - who is the customer you want to reach and how are you going to reach them?

✨ Get networking - you never know when you’re going to hit on a great opportunity.

✨ Think beyond your offering - do you have a personal story relating to Christmas? Is there a human interest angle that will win you some great coverage?


✨ Join my PR membership for the ultimate support. Tier 2 gives you access to ALL of the above resources with no minimum term/contracts.

JOIN THE COLLECTIVE and use the code WELCOME15 for 15% off your first 3 months membership.

🌟Let’s inject some Christmas magic into your business this year!🌟

Fiona Minett