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The PR Breakdown

THE PR BREAKDOWN: What ALL small businesses need to know about PR

Ever wondering what PR actually is and how it can apply to your business?

I am breaking it down for you in this ebook and giving you an insight as to why you should, and could, be using the same tricks as big business when it comes to being seen.

Fiona Minett, Boss Your PR ebook

Grab a copy of my e-book and get a taster of:

  • What PR really is and why it is GREAT for small businesses.

  • Why YOU need to be bringing PR to your business - it’s not just for the Primarks and Coca-Colas of this world!

  • To DIY or not to DIY, that is the question; and it’s one that I answer.

  • Then, I make it easy for you with some top tips and key takeaways that will get you taking action now!