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Newsjacking is essentially ‘piggybacking’ on topical news stories in order to achieve media coverage. This is how you, as a small business, can leverage broader topics to position you as part of a wider conversation, get seen as an expert and get coverage on TV, radio or in print/online media.

Perhaps there is a shift in your industry; new legislation; Small business funding that you can relate to or discuss; New technology that can change the way you work; A celebrity has been seen enjoying a type of treatment similar to your offering; The royal baby buzz could allow for you to position your brand in the media conversation...

It could be anything but if you have a valid, expert opinion, feedback or comment to add to the narrative, you can pitch to those journalists writing the relevant stories to share your side of the story or your input on what is transpiring.

I talk a lot about positioning yourself as an expert as part of your PR and this is a great way to do it.

There is no time to waste with this type of coverage though - if you are not on the ball, not quick enough to respond or don’t have the right information or imagery, the opportunity will go to someone else. With it being topical, there is no room for a journalist to sit on the story and wait for information.

How do you do it?:

Until you get to the point where you have journalists on speed dial, the secret is #JOURNOREQUEST.

A humble hashtag on Twitter that holds so much magic!

Also, subscribing to my media alerts as part of THE COLLECTIVE will position you for some great reactive PR opportunities.

Preparing for NEWSJACKING opportunities:

Some newsjacking opportunities may be completely spontaneous and unpredicted, which means you have to be on the ball to respond/pitch as quickly as possible. Whereas others will be ‘scheduled’ topical opportunities.

You’ll have heard me talking about my PR & Social Media Planner before. (MAY is currently available to download and 2019 is available in THE COLLECTIVE)

Using a calendar like this will enable you to work through the months ahead, picking out the dates and events that might be relevant to you.

Be very specific and ask yourself some questions as you go:

  • Can I add value on this topic?

  • What would my hook be in pitching myself around this date?

  • Is this likely to give me coverage?

  • What ares of expertise can I bring in on this topic?

  • Have I got a unique perspective to offer on this?

Chances are that you will pull out a number of opportunities that you can use to inform specific pitches to journalist contacts as well as to prepare yourself to be reactive when opportunity arrises.

There will be the obvious events like Christmas, Mother’s Day, New Year, Back to School etc but there will also be those that will be more niche to your industry. The important thing is to be aware of what is coming up and how you can use it to your advantage.

So, eyes and ears open and have a few punchy quotes up your sleeve! 

Want to know more about lead times, how to leverage newsjacking opportnities as well as how to harness seasonal and trend led PR? There is specific training in THE COLLECTIVE that will get you firing on all cylinders in no time. Find out more.

You can also access my PR & Social Media Planner on any tier of THE COLLECTIVE. Membership starts at £8.00 per month and you can find out more and sign up here:

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