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Boss Your PR by The Bespoke Brand Designer
Boss Your PR Logo

The Boss Your PR journey has been pretty amazing over the last 18 months and it definitely feels like the right time to up-level and move….

I’d long been a fan of Cathy, The Bespoke Brand Designer, and the magic that I’ve seen her create for other brands so of course I had to work with her. We’ve known each other for a little while now, so she ‘got’ me and what my brand was about. She could see where I was wanting to take it and how I wanted the brand to evolve.

My basic template logo that I cobbled in Canva almost two years ago had served its purpose. I was stumped by the ‘piggy pink’ (as named by!) and how to evolve it into a more sophisticated colour palette.

Cathy has given me a stunning logo and submark along with beautiful fonts and colours that I can now use to give a more elevate visual to the brand. She has given me a great base to work from when it comes to creating graphics for my content and social media - I can only hope that I do her designs justice!!

Onwards and ever more upwards…

Fiona Minett