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SEO for PR

Last month in THE COLLECTIVE, I covered SEO with the training video and accompanying download. Have you sussed your SEO?

I learnt the principles when I worked in SEO and Content Creation a number of years ago and have stayed on top of developments and trends as my work progressed in PR. Admittedly, I don’t always put all my knowledge into practice, so I know how difficult it can be when you’re overwhelmed with your website, the amount of content you need to be creating, keeping up with your social media channels etc. For this reason, I wanted to break down SEO in THE COLLECTIVE and share some easy to action ways to start improving our online visibility and getting our websites working harder for us!

What is SEO?:


SEO is the process of optimising and enhancing your website and online content to find favour with Google and other search engines.

Online visibility is crucial for any of us businesses that use our websites as a way of attracting and converting our customers.

We work so hard on getting ourselves visible in person, through the media through our social media and trying to ultimately direct traffic to our website where we then sell, why don’t we get out website working harder for us and doing some of this work in tandem with us?

What does SEO have to do with PR?

PR and SEO are very much interlinked in terms of raising your visibility and sharing your brand ethos and story.

Both are about trust:

  • PR is about nurturing trust with journalists and your target audience.

  • SEO is about nurturing trust with Google and your target audience.

Both are about visibility and attracting your ideal audience to you.

Both are about sharing your messages, driving traffic and increasing sales.

There is more info available in THE COLLECTIVE, join to access the full training and resources available for £15.00 per month (no minumum commitment) and get more on how PR and SEO support each other and how you get start leveraging your online presence better. In the meantime, here are a few quick tips:

  • Write for your reader first, Google second.

  • Use social media plug ins to encourage social sharing of your content and your images in order to generate inbound links to your website.

  • Use Google Analytics to understand what keywords are bringing traffic to your website and what external links are working when it comes to sending traffic your way.

  • Use keywords that will attract your ideal client throughout your online content.

  • Try and engage users by keeping them on your website as long as possible - encourage them to browse or consume your content.

  • Explore online PR as part of your visibility and outreach - sharing content and generating back links from online magazines and blogs are a great way of directing traffic which in turn enhances your SEO success.

Once you lay down the principles of SEO for your website, you can start forming habits that will have you SEO-ing with each update/new image/blog post you add to your website.

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