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The Collective Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Membership is tiered, to allow you to access the space at whatever level you feel you want or need.

Standard Membership is £15.00 per month, giving access to to the closed members Facebook group, downloadable resources, members directory and my 2019 PR & Social Media Planner, monthly training bundles, media opportunities and connections and discounts from Boss Your PR recommended businesses in areas such a photography, marketing, email marketing and content creation and branding.

Membership plus Mentoring is £35.00 per month, giving access to everything in Tier 2 as well as a half hour mentoring call/skype with me every month to keep you on track and moving forward with your visibility goals.

Is there a minimum contract?

No. You can cancel your membership at anytime by logging into your account area.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

You can manage all aspects of your membership by logging into your account area.

Is it for me if I don’t know anything about PR?

Yes. This is about building an understanding of PR and making it approachable to everyone, regardless of prior knowledge and experience.

Is PR right for my business?

In short, PR can be right for any business. It’s all about the stories you tell and having everything required in place. I guarantee that there will definitely be many elements within the teaching in this members space that will apply to you and that you can put into action.

What’s the difference between this and one of your PR courses?

THE PR COLLECTIVE is about building a community that supports as well as teaches. There will be learning materials across the promotional spectrum, bringing in experts from other complement fields as well as focusing on building a PR skillset and building your confidence in approaching PR for your business.

My courses will be solely focused on PR teaching and techniques.

Are you still running workshops?

Yes, I am still running in-person workshops. At the moment these are largely going to be in collaboration with other networks and groups including: Tring Buzz, DiscovHer, MilknBizz, The Well Retreat and Thame Rewards Club.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your membership at anytime by logging into your account area.

I don’t have time to work though everything, will I still get value?

Yes. The content stays in the group, so that you can work through it in your own time at your own pace. Cherry pick what’s most relevant to you if necessary. I make sure that there are quick wins and easy to action tips so that you can start to see PR results, however time restricted you are.