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We often get so busy and caught up in the day to day of our business, that it seems too hard to stop, take some time and really reflect how our year has progressed.

Did it feel like yours has run away from you? Have you totally bossed it?

I’m planning on doing a proper review of my year as part of my planning for 2019, but it’s got me thinking back on how 2018 has looked for Boss Your PR.

(I’m going to be using a download from Sarah Akwisombe to tackle my review of 2018 - download yours here:

Late 2017, it was very early days. I had launched my website, I was building my social media presence and I was writing and planning my first workshop. The process of planning and creating Boss Your PR was slow, largely because I was just trying to really figure out what I wanted it to be, what I wanted to deliver and how I wanted to work around my family. Queue the other side of Chrsitmas and a step into 2018 and it feels like my feet haven’t touched the ground.

In February I ran my first workshop in Thame, Oxfordshire and, despite workshops being a impulsive addition to my Boss Your PR remit, it was hands down one of the best things I did this year. If you’d have told me, at any point in my life, even when running a successful PR agency, that I would be moving into running workshops and public speaking I would have probably run a mile at the mere suggestion. The women I met have all become collaborators, supporters and many of them friends and this vein continues with many of the workshops I have run throughout the year.

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February also saw me try out my first Girl Tribe Gang event in Beaconsfield. Of course, it had me hooked. A glass of wine, business talk and a bunch of wonderful women, not least Alex Ashton aka The Bucks Insider who led the Power Hour at that session. Alex, and Annie, the Beaconsfield Tribe Boss, have definitely become part of the much loved ‘tribe’ that I have found myself nestled in this year.

March came with an opportunity to sit on a panel of amazing women, on International Women’s Day, at Soho Farmhouse to celebrate the launch of the membership group, DiscovHer. Again, sitting on stage, with a microphone, talking about my business journey and answering questions from upwards of 50 women in the room… my former self is having kittens at the thought. Again though, one of the best things I have probably ever done, and another reminder to myself that the best things happen outside your comfort zone.

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Around running a steady stream of workshops around Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, May saw me launch the Thame Girl Tribe Gang group and, wow, what a tribe that has grown into. Amazing members, supportive connections, huge brain power and business knowledge and genuinely a lovely night out each month! I also had the amazing opportunity to run a workshop session at Soho Farmhouse this month as well, which was so much fun.

June & July, I ran my first workshops with DiscovHer and Tring Buzz which are both continuing to be brilliant collaborations into 2019. I also spoke for Milk & Fizz in St Albans at a Mums Unltd networking meet up. In July I was also nominated for 20 on the Rise which was a real milestone point, half way through the year; it was a lovely nudge that said, ‘yes, you’re doing something right'.

By the summer, my workshop attendees and mentoring clients were starting to see some great PR results coming from their learning and hard work. Coverage was coming through with the likes of Daily Mail, Baby London, Marie Claire, BBC Good Food and plenty of regional media.

August and September were a step back from the workshops to focus more on my mentoring clients and some really exciting strategy projects, so by the time my October workshops in Chesham and Bicester came around I was raring to go.

November was the first Girl Tribe Gang national event in Manchester. When Catherine, the founder of Girl Tribe Gang, asked me to do my power hour presentation at the event, I figured that’s the kind of thing you say yes to and worry about later. The same notion when she asks you to chair a panel talk titled ‘Fierce Female Founders’. Say yes, worry later. The worry was real, the comfort zone well and truly busted, but there is a pattern in here, right? It was an incredible experience that introduced me to some more brilliant women. Plus I had a great road-trip to Manchester and back with my Mum to keep me company!

Fierce Female Panel.jpg

December - how the flipping ‘eck did we get there so quickly!?

I’ve been lucky enough to get involved in so many amazing collaborations from providing training content to members of platforms such as The Clean Hub and DiscovHer, to hosting workshops for Tring Buzz, The Well Retreat, Soho Farmhouse…. I’ve spoken in Beaconsfield, Birmingham and Manchester with Girl Tribe Gang, DiscovHer has taken me to Soho Farmhouse and Marlow for panel events. I've written for Modern Woman, Parents in Biz, Hiya Bucks, Oxfordshire Times ‘In Business’ and Oxfordshire Limited Edition. I've been to so many amazing events from a Votary brunch at Daylesford with DiscovHer to an intimate showcase for the Sian Esther brand at The Marlow Ivy - I’ve never been so social!! My amazing clients this year have included: Bumpa Mats, Wild Rose Florist, Layered Lounge, Groves Ltd, UXB Skincare, Mini Maniacs, Wild Peacock to name just a few and I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for Boss Your PR and all of my wonderful clients.

I’ve seen so many inspiring business people doing amazing things and I feel so privileged to have had the year I’ve had. Here’s to the next one!

I’m so excited to take the bull by the horns this year and really ramp up my offering in supporting you all achieving visbility and PR success. 2018 has been a process of exploration. After an extended maternity break from business (closing my PR agency business prior to maternity), I have been finding my feet, building my network and really learning what it is that you are all looking for when it comes to PR and business support.

2019 holds the launch of The Boss Your PR Collective and Boss Your PR: The Basics. Two projects that are designed to get each and every one of you kickstarting your year when it comes to visibility, reaching your audience and ultimately increasing your sales. The next couple of weeks for me is going to be about getting my head back in the game and making the big plans for 2019 come to fruition.

🌟🌟🌟Let’s do this!!! 🌟🌟🌟

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Fiona Minett