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Last week I took a condensed version of my workshop to Soho Farmhouse in Chipping Norton, delivering a PR 101 for a group of awesome creatives and business owners who were totally engaged and keen to learn!

The workshop was hosted by Soho Farmhouse in collaboration with DiscovHer that is seeing the roll out of a number of business support clinics across various topics including Social Media and Self Care as well as PR.  It was a privilege to be a part of this offering. 

I covered some of the key topics that I discuss in more depth at my other workshops, such as your PR toolkit, making connections and maximising your coverage.  The feedback was so super to hear:


"Thank you so much for today, I learnt so much! Really excited to sort out my PR toolkit and get cracking."

"Just been reviewing my notes. I feel so information and that inspires me.  Ready to move my business forward.  Thank you ladies."

"Thank you for the PR event today, Fiona was very engaging and authentic.  Two very important qualities in today's landscape."


So, I'll leave you with this thought that I shared with those at the session:  Tackling PR is all about kicking things up a gear and getting that visibility soaring.  We’re all programmed to hide our light under a bushel so to speak, but let’s break those habits and be unafraid to put our businesses and offerings ‘out there’.

Fiona Minett