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I cannot believe that September has come around again!

For me, it always feels like a month for a fresh start, a new focus.  The Summer always feels a bit flakey whether you have little ones who are on school holidays or not, so I find September to be a welcome turn of the tide.

If you're the same, perhaps you're starting to think about fresh ways of moving your business forward?  Easy to action ideas that you can put into play to ramp up your visibility as we find ourselves on the inevitable hurtle towards Christmas.  So, to help you out, I've put together a little list of suggestions to support you over the next few months, in taking steps to boost your visibility and get noticed ahead of consumerism's BIGGEST hit point of the year.

  • Start thinking about Christmas promotion (if you’re not already) - who are you wanting to target and how are you going to target them?

  • Join my FB group and tune into my webinar on Friday morning at 10.00am - I will be talking all things Christmas PR; How you can tap into the gift guides, seasonal hooks and the types of conversations you should be having and angles you could be pitching.

  • Set yourself a goal to do one thing each week that moves you closer to visibility

    • New photography

    • Connect with a journalist

    • Reach out to an influencer

    • Book onto a Christmas Fair

    • Look at pop up shop spaces

    • Collaborate with a like-minded business

    • Join a networking group or online business platform

    • ... the list is endless, but just take one step at a time.

  • Have you got a key Christmas offering that you are to promote across social media?

  • Have you thought about what angles you might use to encourage people to 'buy in' to your brand over the festive season? You don't just have to be product focussed to make the most of this season. I'll tell you why and how to get involved in my FB group webinar...

  • Is your website optimised to make the most of the Christmas period? Is it easy to shop on? Is it easy to navigate? Are your returns and deliveries policies clear to access? Are you going to make your final Christmas delivery deadlines clear as we get closer to C-Day.

Just a few points for thought.  I'll be sharing more in the run up to Christmas, but if you're keen to make a bang and really make your mark, let's do a mentoring session and drill into some key activities, angles and approaches that you could be nailing in the coming months.

Fiona Minett