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The core principle of Boss Your PR is to give you total control over your message and how you share it.  So, number 1 - control!

1.   Control: 

By doing your own PR in house, there is no dilution, no middle man, no confusion and no big financial outlays.  Operating PR in house, is often the most effective way to do it because of these very reasons and by starting your journey with Boss Your PR, you are looking to the future, controlling your message and building the beginnings of your own in house PR department.   From our bespoke PR strategies and PR starter kit to our upcoming training on how to work with different media sectors and influencers, you will be receiving resources that will be invaluable to you as you build your PR momentum.

2.   Cost:

If you can afford upwards of £2000-3000 per month on a PR agency retainer and PR activity, then it can be a great way to get the ball rolling.  However, many businesses, particularly SMEs and start ups are just not in that position.  Boss Your PR is an affordable alternative that allows you to invest in yourself and your business in a way that benefits short to long term and puts the results totally within your control and within your budget.

3.   Confidence:

During my years of running a PR agency, I always emphasised how crucial it was for us to understand and almost become part of every brand we were working with so that we would have the confidence to sell it to the media.  Who knows more about your brand than you?  Who can be as enthusiastic about your brand as you?  Who could tell your brand story as well as you?  Try as an agency might, the authenticity and confidence that will come from you selling yourself and your own brand cannot be imitated.

4. Contacts: 

As an agency, we always took the stance that we were building relationships on behalf of our clients, but our clients were never actually truly part of those relationships as we were always the go to middle man.  By building your own contacts you are creating your own collateral, your own relationships that will foster meaningful and effective coverage for your brand for months and years to come.  This is one of the real powers of in house PR.

5.  Credibility: 

There is a purity to in house PR and an authenticity that journalists respond well to.  They like to be a part of discovering new brands and with in house PR, a brand builds coverage on their own merit, not on the reputation and relationships of an agency. 


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