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So often in my agency life, cut out images would prove to be a spanner in the PR works.  It cannot be emphasised enough that, as a product business, it is crucial to have cut out photography in high resolution that is ready to go to press at the drop of a hat or the email request of a journalist.

Cut out images are basically product shots without any background.  This means that they can be easily layered into a magazine editorial as well as being the best option for continuity on website product listings.  Examples of cut out photography can be found on many a magazine page of any genre.  Here are just a few examples that show just how rife the use of cut outs is in the media.

Of course, there are many instances where samples will be called in by magazines or stylists for them to shoot how they wish, but cut outs are always a staple.

Use them on your press releases, in your lookbooks, on your website, on your social media and most crucially for PR, have them saved and named with product name, price and website so that they can be sent at any time they are called for.

Having the right 'tools' such as cut outs ready to go will help you foster your relationships with the media, as they want to work with people and brands that they can trust and call on and having your toolbox as full as possible gives you the best possible chance of great coverage!

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