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What is PR and can you boss it like a pro


PR - Public Relations - is a difficult term to define.  PR, Marketing, Advertising and Social Media are becoming harder to separate which makes for an interesting dynamic in terms of integrated communication but also makes it tricky to disassociate one from the other and find the best approach.

Public Relations in its truest sense is about communication and reputation.  Communication with all stakeholders can fall under the PR banner, from clients/customers, members of the public coming into contact with your brand, shareholders, employees and suppliers to name a few, although, PR is more often viewed as being about the outward communication from a business.  This communication in turn is about reputation management and reputation creation.  Using the media to inform a public of the brands message is the essence of PR today, certainly the type of PR that we want to bring to you.

Advertising, social media and marketing are you, telling the public how great your brand is.  PR is trusted magazines, writers and influencers telling the public how great your brand is.  There is a difference here, and this difference is why businesses invest in PR.  

Boss Your PR will give you confidence with PR and how it will fit into your marketing mix.  Complementary to any marketing, advertising and social media outreach that you do for your brand, PR will be the activity that elevates your communication and amplifies your business success.

Invest in your PR in the most direct and simple way.  'Boss Your PR' and take control of your brand reputation and outreach the way you boss every other aspect of your business.

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