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Forward planning is absolutely at the crux of great PR, whatever your sector and whatever your story.

In fact, as I write, many of the monthly magazines we know and love will be working on Spring issues, so you can see how you always need to be ahead and looking to the longer term.

I want to give you all the resources and knowledge that you need to absolutely blitz 2018 and make it your best year yet, so this is how we can work together to formulate Your Year in PR:

- 2018 Media Planner


My 2018 PR and Social Media Planner is a comprehensive document of over 900 key dates across the year, including awareness days, cultural events, sporting events, award ceremonies and other initiatives in calendar format planner.  This planner will provide you with a wealth of inspiration, content and value when it comes to PR and social media, regardless of which sector you work in.

This download is an absolute MUST HAVE to support any promotional activity throughout 2018.  No more trawling the internet for awareness days, events or reading endless lists on multiple websites.  No more loose ends as you scour for interesting content that you can share with your audience.  Avoid lulls in social media activity by being able to forward plan like never before.

Available here

- PR Consultations


Are you wondering how you're going to get your business out there through 2018?  Do you have a new product/service launch that you want to make a real impact with?  Maybe you've got a super collaboration in the pipeline and you want to maximise exposure? Perhaps you're just feeling a bit lost with your promotional strategy?

Let's skype/talk and we'll break everything down to get the 'next steps' in place for you.  I will give you actionable points and guidance that will allow you to effectively promote the aspects of your business that you want to shout about. 

Have you got something that you'd love to share with the media but don't know how?

Have you been trying to gain coverage with little success?

Maybe you've been wondering how PR works?

I can answer all of these questions on a one-to-one call.

This is also a great stepping stone to my Bespoke Strategy Package, and if this is something you are looking into, on the call I will learn all about your brand, what you offer, where you are, where you want to be and what your next six months looks like in order to turn all of this into a strategy that is created specifically for you.

Available here


-  Bespoke Strategy Creation


Developing on from a PR Consultation I will create a PR strategy that is bespoke to your business and your positioning in the market.  With 8 years of experience specialising in creating and actioning strategies for UK based small businesses and start ups, I know what works and what doesn't as well as how to create PR that sparkles on a tight budget.

This option works best with at least one consultation call that will really allow me to get to the core of your brand as well as discovering and pulling out what your PR and brand growth aims are, what your previous promotional success has been, what budget may be available for activity and what you want to achieve from PR.

The Bespoke PR Strategy will be a comprehensive document that will give you a guideline of activity and initiatives to follow to create engaging, effective and ongoing PR outreach.

The PR Strategy will include:

  • An evaluation of brand positioning

  • PR Objectives for your brand

  • Suggested target media

  • Selected media contacts

  • Overview of the PR tools needed to action your PR strategy effectively

  • A 6 month activity timeline

  • Creative concepts beyond standard PR activity

  • How to measure your PR success

  • How to maximise your PR coverage

This strategy will be your guideline to focus your PR activity and keep all building momentum in the right direction.

Elevate your brand with this tailor-made option.

Available here


- PR Starter Kit

This is coming very soon and may be available in 2 formats; As a purchasable download or as a more comprehensive, interactive course that provides us with the option of one-to-one interaction and direct guidance and feedback as you create your PR Toolkit.

Modules will include an Introduction to PR, Building your PR Toolkit, Understanding the Media, Finding and Approaching Contacts and Maximising your Coverage.

By the end of the course, you will be equipped with everything you need to start successfully promoting your brand in the media.


- PR Workshop

I will be exploring the launch of regional PR workshops that will thoroughly equip you to get started on your PR.  I will kick off in January/February with a workshop session packed with insider knowledge. PR is not scary, it's not difficult and it's not expensive, so let's get you started!

I will cover:
- What PR is
- Why it can benefit your biz
- Different types of PR
- How and where you can start with PR
- How to find your story and the hooks of your brand
- How to use social media to support your PR activity

You will get a spangly workbook packed full of key info. There will be the opportunity for Q&As with me. I may even invite a guest speaker to join us.

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