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Brand Session and Strategy Creation

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Are you really ready to invest in kickstarting your PR in the most powerful way?

Do you want the input of a PR Expert who has spent the last 10 years crafting and creating PR & Promotion strategies for start ups and small businesses?

Do you want a comprehensive overview of your next 12 months that you can refer to for timelines, target media, PR aims, language, coverage examples and guidance?

Do you want a bundle of resources, tailor made for you, that will hold your hand and support you through the PR process?


PR Strategy session - DIY PR - Boss Your PR

Here's the process:

1.  I will get to know your brand/business pre-session to be able to tailor my guidance and set an agenda for the session.

2. We meet for a brand ‘deep dive’ and training session. We will get clear on your current positioning and then your goals moving forward - what type of coverage do you want to achieve, what type of coverage would work for you and what you want to achieve from this coverage.

3. We will then explore target media options and opportunities within this media.

4. We will discuss the 'how to', what's required for successful PR and what your first steps should be.

5. From here, we will creatively explore how a PR strategy should be crafted for you - what hooks will work, a timeline of activity to fit your brand over the coming months as well as possible stand alone promotional activities.

6. We will take time to go over anything that you want to know more about.

7. I will follow up, within 10 days of our meeting with a comprehensive, bespoke PR Strategy that you will be able to follow for the coming 12 months.  The strategy will cover all relevant aspects discussed including: aims, target media, step by step process, coverage examples and any additional information or insight that might be relevant.

8. We will then have a number of mentoring sessions through which we can work together to implement the outlined activity and boost your visibility.

so what’s included?:

  • Pre-session research

  • A 4 hour deep dive into your brand, your timeline for the coming months, plans for the business as well as PR and visibility training

  • The creation of a full bespoke PR and Visibility strategy for you - including, aims, target media, 12 month actionable timeline, routes to visibility, guidance, practical examples, templates and more.

  • 4 months mentoring support beyond this session - 4 x 1 hour Zoom sessions along with email support for these four months post strategy session



*Price may vary if you’re based out of this area

If you'd like any more information or would like to chat prior to booking, just pop me an email:


Once I've received your booking, I will be in touch within 24 hours to organise a date and time for your session.