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You’ve scored a coup with an influencer, she’s created an IGTV that has got over 100,000 views in two days and she has half a million followers. What do you do next?

I’ve been working with Becca, founder of Locker Days, and this is her amazing result. She’s attending one of my workshops, is part of my membership and we do monthly mentoring calls. We spoke on Friday afternoon about how to maximise the above result for her and we ended up with something of a checklist. There was a lot of generic activity that could be done across the Locker Days social media and website as well as more tailored PR opportunities that can be explored over the coming days.

It got me thinking that it was worth sharing some of the more general points on this checklist to give you some starting points when it comes to best levering results like this. Well, a result quite this huge is like hitting gold, but there are many of my members that are having great success with influencers including The Curious Mummy, Selfish Mother, Mere Seour, Lady of the Manor, Sienna & I and Mother Pukka.

Here are some pointers to work through for each influencer/social endorsement result that you achieve for your business:

  • Share on your Instagram grid

  • Share in your Instagram stories

  • Pin to a specific story highlight

  • Mention big names in your Instagram bio; ‘Loved by x, y and z’

  • Share on your Facebook

  • Blog about the result

  • Send a newsletter to your audience - share a discount code to celebrate the result *you could share a celebratory code at any/every stage of this checklist to maximise your sales potential from the opportunity*

  • Take testimonial captions from any endorsement that you can use across your social media platforms

  • Use these snippets where appropriate on your website as well - try and scatter a couple on your homepage to immediately add weight and credibility to your brand.

The aim is to leave people in no doubt that they have landed in the right place after seeing an influencer endorsing the product. Give them points of recognition whilst also sharing the amazing result with the audience you already have.

The result is just the starting point; the mileage following is what you make it.

Fiona Minett