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THE COLLECTIVE: A new members space focussed on all things visibility and promotion: It is something that I’ve wanted to create since I started the Boss Your PR journey back in 2017.

With THE COLLECTIVE, I’m building a community of thriving business women that are wanting to achieve visibility and PR success.

WHY? Because PR has the power to propel any business. With PR, you can increase your traffic and sales, get your business seen by the right people, get your product on the right people or service being used by the right people, get seen in the media that your target market read and ultimately, PR presents opportunity in abundance. These opportunities, and the increased visibility that comes from them, are what will move your business forward.

I’ve long believed that PR shouldn’t be out of reach for any business, because it can work for ANY business of ANY size.

Why should you be discriminated against if you can’t afford a 3-4 figure fee per month for a PR agency?

PR should be able to be accessed easily and effectively and Boss Your PR has been about this from the start.

Now, this next stage allows me to offer up resources, expert advice, tips, actionable solutions and more, through a platform that can be accessed, whatever your budget.

I’d love for you to join me in building this community of business champions, whatever stage you are at in your visibility mission:

🌟 Scared to make the leap into sharing your news and getting visible?

🌟 Open to dipping your toe in the water but not too sure how to go about it?

🌟 Already to starting to get your brand seen and having success?

🌟 Smashing your PR and visibility but knowing that there is always more to learn and more support to gain?

This community is for YOU!

What’s in store from THE COLLECTIVE though?

🌟 An exclusive FB members space

🌟 Live sessions and webinars

🌟 Members Directory

🌟 Downloads, templates and resources

🌟 Media Alerts and Connections

🌟 Early Bird offers and Discounts on Boss Your PR services and events *trust me, I have big plans for events this year*

🌟 Comprehensive monthly training bundles

🌟 Monthly Mentoring

And more!!

Whether you fancy just spending the equivalent of a couple of lattes a month to access support, encouragement, training resources and the FB community or you see this as an opportunity to invest a little more in to take advantage of monthly mentoring calls that will really get you pushing your business forward through 2019 and beyond; you set your parameters and get involved on YOUR TERMS.

Access will open to my mailing list on the 22nd February with a super special early bird offer and remember this… great success with PR and VISIBILITY comes from a combination of training, knowledge, passion and confidence.  Now, you need the passion, but I can give you everything else.  

Are you in?

Nothing should stop you from achieving VISIBILITY and the definition of SUCCESS that you see for your business.

Interested being one of the first into the space? Sign up below…

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