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Last week I discovered MISS DASHWOOD'S REGISTER.  I am always on the look out for ways in which I can make the PR lark easier for my clients and lovely followers, so, discovering this platform was a joy and I'll tell you why...

As a PR, it used to be the case that 'media requests' (requests from journalists for information/images to support what they were working on) only came though to you if you were subscribed to highly priced media databases or were lucky enough to have made it to the inner sanctumn of the mail out of the 'forward features list' which would detail the features and requirements of journalists over the coming weeks/months.

This was the way or working until Twitter and #JOURNOREQUEST democratised it.  Anyone using Twitter can see or respond to a media request from a journalist through this tool and it doesn't cost a penny. BUT it's not always the best quality for leads and nor is it exhaustive (no database be either) but, crikey, for a free way in, it's a great resource.

Cue the continuing search for affordable platforms that send media requests straight to your inbox and stumbling over MISS DASHWOOD'S REGISTER.  I'm early days in using this platform but it's doing the job so far!  Media requests are delivered to my inbox for me to respond to if they are relevant.  

The nature of the game is that it might only be one in ten that is relevant but you are in line for these opportunities and can respond quickly when they land with you.

One of my KEY tips to anyone I teach or work with is to make use of #JOURNOREQUEST and I suspect now that I will be rolling Miss Dashwood's Register into this mix as well.

Anyway, here is an interview I did for their BLOG about why and how I do what I do.

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Fiona Minett