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What’s the deal with influencers? Why is everyone talking about them? How do you get in on the action? There are a myriad of questions and that’s OK, becuase it’s a fairly new evolution on the PR spectrum.

I’ve worked with social media influencers and celebrity influencers, across various digital platforms as well as through print media and public appearances. I’ve connected clients with, and placed product on, the likes of Lady Gaga, Lucy Watson, Binky Felstead, Georgia Toffolo, Pixie Lott, Dawn O’Porter, Doina Ciobanu, Tamara Kalinic and more. Each influencer should be targeted because they fit the ethos, ethics and embodiment of your brand.

Depending on your business, influencers can become a really valuable part of your PR outreach. Influencers have the power to influence their followers, aka their community, with minimal effort, thus giving maximum results for the businesses they work with.

It’s a great way of engaging very potently with your target audience and also a great way of creating new content - especially if you’re able to work directly with the influencer in a way that grants you permission to use any content across all of your platforms.

There are so many benefits and I outline them, as well as HOW you can make this happen for your business, in this snazzy downloadable that you can access via my closed Facebook Group or my Free Resources Hub, which can also be accessed via the FB Group.

how to work with influencers - Boss Your PR
Fiona Minett