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This month, I want to ease us on with some thinking points on visibility. There are many avenues beyond print/online media that will get you visible and that fall into the PR remit.

I want to explore: 

- Why is PR and visibility so important?

- What kind of opportunities does PR present to you?

- What does ‘visibility’ include?

With these downloads I want to get you thinking on networking and business awards as two routes to visibility.

There is more discussion happening over in the FB group.


Are you entering awards? They are such an amazing way to get your business visible.

This download features a host of awards that you could enter or encourage others to nominate you for. Take a look and start to think about why your story is amazing and worthy of contention for these opportunities.



Are you networking? These are some starting points to get you thinking about, because PR is not just about getting your brand into the media.

Whether you venture into a network like Girl Tribe Gang or join a membership club like The Merit Club, there are so many options to explore.