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A good media calendar/planner is at the core of any great PR and social media activity.  Being aware of your landscape in terms of key dates and opportunities that could impact your business favourably or otherwise is really important.  This awareness will allow you to maximise opportunities that could be perfect sales or promotional hooks for your business.  You'll already be aware of the big dates like Valentine's and Halloween, but there are many national awareness days or celebration days that can provide perfect leverage for a customer promotion or a PR blitz.  Being able to see the layout of your year is a great benefit in deciding where and when to best use your resources.  The Boss Your PR Media Planner, for example, will also give you monthly notes as to what type of press coverage to be targeting - when to start on Christmas or Summer, or how to make the most of festival season or various trade shows.


A taster of my PR & Social Media Planner - Sign up below to access this free download!

A taster of my PR & Social Media Planner - Sign up below to access this free download!

Ultimately, much the same way as you use your diary or Google Calendar, mapping out aspects related to your media output has value to you in the way you can promote and grow your business.  Of course, you could jot down any key dates in your diary, but once you've got the obvious in there, it can become a really time consuming job that will take you away from other aspects of your business that need your time and energy.  Investing in a Media Calendar or Planner that includes trade shows, national awareness days, cultural events, sporting events, festivals awards ceremonies etc, as well as notes and information on how to make the most of them, will put you leagues ahead when it comes to:  - scheduling social media content  - finding discussion points to use on social media  - getting your messages to the media at the right time  - finding the hooks throughout the year for PR and how best to make the most of them  - finding ideas for sales promotions and marketing initiatives to increase sales  - looking for trade shows to exhibit at or attend across various industries  - looking for networking opportunities  - finding opportunities or events to attend that will give you content for your social media

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