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The benefits to being nominated for, or winning, a regional or national business award can be huge.  It is an important part of promoting your business and demonstrating your credibility and expertise.  Just as being seen in a national magazine will enhance the reputation of your brand, winning a national award will increase your standing within your industry and amongst potential stakeholders in your business - customers, collaborators, investors, stockists etc.  A raised profile is one of the immediate benefits, let's explore some of the others:
  • PR opportunity - National and local press coverage can be achieved as a result and may even be part of the package of being shortlisted.
  • On the night networking opportunities at an award ceremony.
  • Free marketing - you will achieve visibility through the website and social media promotions of the award ceremony.
  • You will also have a huge amount of content and news to be sharing through your social media and website which is another way of maximising this opportunity.
  • The credibly of saying, “Winner of the 2018 ….” and having a 3rd party endorsement is not to be underestimated.
  • Your standing your industry will be increased by an award win that will really establish you amongst your competitors.
  • Benchmarking - You will gain further clarity on your business and positioning through completing these applications and will be able to benchmark against competitors which can result in identifying areas for growth or improvement.
  • Employee motivation is often a wonderful side effect from award nominations and wins as the concept really credits the work that they do day to day within the business - being able to invite them to the ceremony itself is a wonderful way to say ‘thank you’.
  • Finding talent through your recruitment becomes a bit easier as well, as people want to work with a company that is in a position to be recognised for the work they do and for the staff to really be a part of that journey.
I have listed a number of awards opportunities that you may be able to consider entering and it is available in my Free Resources Hub.  GAIN ACCESS BELOW.  Looking towards the 2018 awards ceremonies now will give you time to hone your application and really maximise your chances.  Do a little research on the previous winners, category criteria and background of any of the Awards that you are looking to enter, to ensure that you are best prepared to make the most of the opportunities.  Don’t forget, get that press release out to your local media as soon as you are shortlisted, and then again when you go and win the award!!

Fiona Minett