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Blogger Gift Guides

Soph-Obsessed - Deadline 30th September

Looking for PR samples for Christmas Gift Guides

I am looking for PR samples for Christmas Gift Guide features. I'm looking at products for:
Babies & Toddlers
As well as specific items for foodies, coffee lovers, stationery addicts, gin lovers and all things beauty!

Here is an example of a previous gift guide style post I have done:

Each included item will include an image, description and nofollow link. The gift guide will be shared across my social media platforms continually in the lead up to Christmas in order to drive traffic to the post.

I'm an established lifestyle blogger with a strong link to family. I have a seven-year-old son, a one-year-old son and two dogs who feature on my blog.
I currently receive an average of over 40,000 page views per month based on the last 3 months of stats from Google Analytics. (19,800 Unique) and that figure is growing and engaged.

Deadline - 30th September

Fiona Minett