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Whats Good To Do - Deadline 5th September

Looking for products to review and put into our Christmas Gift Guide - For Her 

“We are a busy website with really strong statistics. August 2018 (incomplete month) - 29,000 unique visits, 50,000 visits, 450,000 page views, 3.3 million hits.

We are looking for review products for the following coverage - 500+ word review, inclusion in our Christmas Gift Guide - For Her, Twitter/Facebook post with link to review. Items we are looking for include fitness equipment and clothing, books, gift experiences, cockmail making kits, candle making kits, perfume making kits, baking kits, craft kits & materials, gadgets, fashion accessories, kitchen items, cushions, perfume, beauty products, home security cameras, hair products, hair tools & accessories, grooming & hygiene products, mobile phones & tablets plus accessories, board games for grown ups, cushions, mattresses & bedding, clothing & footwear, food & drink including hampers etc. We will consider other items.

Important note - We ask that you send a gifted (non-returnable) sample of anything we review and include in our Christmas Gift Guide - For Her. We also ask that you send a minimum RRP of £10 worth of products. This can be either a single product with an RRP of £10+ or a bundle of products which together come to £10+. This is asked to reflect the time our reviewers take to write the review.”

5th September

Debbie Talbot

Fiona Minett